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iDive News December 2018

iDive Achieves Club Mark Accreditation

BSAC have informed iDive that we have been successfully completed our Clubmark assessment. This is a huge achievement for iDive thanks to  Naina Mistry who has worked tirelessly over the past year to get our club accredited for Clubmark. This is just the start though. Club Matters who run the accreditation process require us follow a few steps to maintain our achievement but for now we can celebrate! A big thank you to Martin Hammond of BSAC also for his help and support along the way and Dave Lock for providing support material on training. 


iDive Visits TODI in Belgium

Carol Wood, Dave Lock and David Hopps of iDive visited ‘The Ultimate Diving Experince – TODI‘ in Belgium over the weekend with Eastleigh Club. According to Dave Lock it was a blowy and wet weekend but the diving was enjoyable and the beer was even more enjoyable afterwards. The video is of David Hopps admiring the fish – good buyancy skills David!

AGM - 16 Jan 2019

All members should have received notification of the date of the AGM by email. If you have not then please contact the membership secretary to get your name added to the iDive Mailing list

The venue is the same as last year Ipswich Indoor Bowling Club, 136 Rusmere Road, Ipswich, IP4 4JU.

A few posts will become available so please consider standing to support your club.

Pool Use

Please note that the pool will not be available on 27 Dec 2018 and 3 Jan 2019. There will be no training or other activities on these dates. That should not stop anyone from meeting in the Lord Nelson but it is more than likely that most people will be spending time with families

Try Dive For Shotley Rose Charity Auction

iDive donated two try dive vouchers to support a local charity auction held by the Shotley Rose to raise money for Somersham Ward, Ipswich hospital. The ward was responsible for helping a Shotley resident recover from Cancer. The auction was won by Giles White who bought the prize for his sons Daniel and Jacob White.

The try-dive took place last night with instructors Simon Alexander and David Grimson. Both try divers said they enjoyed the event and joined us in the Lord Nelson afterwards with their father for a chat.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this an enjoyable event.

Eastern Region 'Know and Grow' Event

A big thank you to Dave Lock and Simon Game for attending the recent Know and Grow event held by the Eastern Region Coach.

The purpose of the event was to get to know some of the members of the regional coaching team and to cover what local clubs can do to grow their members ship.

KNow and Grow

Upcoming Events

Bev’s Meal at Hintlesham Hall – 5 Jan 2019
iDive AGM – 16 Jan 2019
iDive Annual Christmas Dinner  – 19 Jan 2019