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Privacy Policy

iDive will use its best endeavours to safeguard the privacy of its internet visitors. The electronic privacy policy describes how iDive may obtain and process the information that is gathered from its websites.

Questions and comments concerning the iDive Privacy Policy should be addressed to the Chairman or one of the committee members of the club by email.

How is personal information collected?

Personal information may be collected with the consent of the user by way of interactive submission. Personal information may be requested in person by an officer of the committee or a dive manager for a trip.

Personal information may be collected automatically without the knowledge of the user. Use of the iDive website will indicate that a user has consented to the collection of this information by iDive.

How does iDive use this information?

There are various reasons why personal information is gathered electronically which includes but is not limited to :-

  • Provision of electronic services that require a users authenticity to be established
  • Participation in electronic surveys
  • Participation in events and training offered by iDive

Information gathered with the explicit consent of the user will only be used for the purpose for which it was intended except in those circumstances where iDive must provide it to fulfil statutory obligations. iDive may use personal details to contact users directly for the purposes of obtaining further information needed to fulfil the original purpose.

iDive may use personal information to contact users by electronic or physical means including but not limited to:-

  • Sending e-mail to those that have requested it
  • Telephoning users to obtain additional information and clarification
  • Other electronic and physical correspondence.

Information that is gathered automatically without the explicit consent of the user will not be used by iDive to identify an individual. iDive may use this information for the purposes of demographic and statistical reporting with the purpose of enhancing the services that it offers to its members and other users. iDive may make this information available to others to fulfil its statutory obligations.

iDive email

iDive will endeavour to use e-mail addresses supplied to it with due regard for the wishes of the owner of the address. iDive will contact all members for whom it has an email address regarding essential club business, club events and when there are significant updates to training & safety or changes to the benefits offered to members.

iDive will email individual members for whom it has an email address to invite them to complete a survey and on their Birthday.

The email addresses may only be used for iDive and BSAC business (for example email transmission and surveys).

iDive mailing lists

iDive operate a number of electronic mailing lists to communicated with its members in a timely and convenient manner.

iDive will at all times comply with European and UK directives covering the sending of unsolicited commercial electronic mail (spam).

Individuals receiving e-mail from iDive electronic mailing lists will:-

  • Have provided an e-mail address to iDive
  • Consented to iDive sending e-mail to the address provided (opt in)
  • Be provided with instructions to be removed from the e-mail list by contact us via email or by calling the membership secretary.

iDive lists include but are not limited to;

  • iDive members list
  • iDive instructors list
  • iDive committee list

Lists will normally be used to communicate information pertinent to those on the list.


iDive will take reasonable precautions to ensure that the personal data it gathers in the course of operating electronic computer systems will be kept securely and within the control of iDive at all times. iDive will take reasonable precautions to ensure that all representations made for and on behalf of iDive will be clearly identifiable.

Data protection

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 & 2003 a user within the United Kingdom can make a formal request for the following information to be disclosed:-

  • Clarification that their personal data is being processed by iDive
  • A description and copy of such personal information
  • The reasons why such data is being processed
  • Details of to whom they are or may be disclosed

iDive reserves the right to charge an administration fee commensurate with the time and expertise needed to provide such information.


We do not currently use cookies. These are normally used by websites to ensure that you get the best user experience when you visit the site. Should we change this policy in the future you will be notified when you connect to this website.